Dikwena Protection Services

Dikwena Protection Services is a Professional Security Company that was established in 2017 by professionally trained, experienced, and qualified directors Mr. Sizwe Sibisi who has over 4 years of experience in the security industry. We are looking forward to building a safe and secure environment. We are strongly against any form of corruption and we respect local practices and customs in the countries that we operate in. Trust and Reliability are what make up the core and values of our corporation and its partners. Dikwena Protection Services aims not only to deliver the highest and expert services to our clients but also at making our country a free crime area and a safe place to live in. The company is driven by experienced directors who pursue job creation and opportunities regardless of religion, race, or gender.

Our commitment to ensuring the most effective service to satisfy our clients’ needs by meeting our company’s base which consists of Quality, Cost and Efficiency, makes us unique as an affordable and reliable security company. As a company striving for growth, it is our duty and focus to be dedicated to providing all our clients with excellent service and considering our clients’ voices (Feedbacks). Dikwena Protection services proud itself providing 24/7 professional and personalized communication as part of its transparent management and service evaluation methods.



Our services and expertise are with the following key areas:

  • Surveillance.
  • Guarding.
  • Armed Guard.
  • Forensic Investigation
  • Retail.
  • Information management.
  • Fraud investigation.
  • Fraud Detection.
  • Fraud Protection.
Dikwena Protection Services, security service


Tel:  0732056936 / 0848178662

Email:  sizwesibisi522@gmail.com


Address:  Waters Edge, Tonel Avenue, Fleurhof, Gauteng, 1709