Tax accountant in Midrand, for all your individual & Company Income Tax Needs.

Welcome to Fixonate Consulting Services.

If you are looking for the services of a tax practitioner, then look no further.

We offer a free consultation as well as a free tax health check on both your personal and company income tax affairs.

We only charge you for the actual tax problem resolved.


  • Areas of income tax expertise and services.
  • Income Tax Clearance Certificates.
  • Submission of Individual Income Tax Returns.
  • Submission of Company Income Tax Returns.
  • ITA34 Income Tax Certificates (When applying for bank loans).
  • IRP5 Employee Income Tax Certificates.
  • VAT Registrations & bi monthly Returns.
  • PAYE Registration & Monthly Returns.
  • SDL Registrations & Monthly Returns.
  • UIF Registrations & Monthly Returns.
  • PAYE Registrations and Submissions/ Returns.
  • New Company Income Tax Registrations.
  • Resolving tax debt issues with sars.
  • Payroll and EasyFile Installations.
  • Sars Efile Registration/ Troubleshooting.

We have years of experience with the workings of the South African Revenue Services.

Feel free to access tax services without the need of you leaving the comfort of your home.

However, you are also more than welcome to visit our offices in Midrand for a free face to face consultation with one of our tax expert, for a free tax health assessment and advice.

You can also simply fill in the online form below to tell us about your tax needs, if you don’t have time to come see us personally.

You may view our contact details by simply clicking here.

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Cell: 0114407978



Address: 100 Johannesburg Rd Lyndhurst Johannesburg 2192