Ayobaness Lifestyle 99

Our mission is to become an efficient and effective black empowered stationery supplier, supplying any office environment and satisfying any stationery solution. We intend on offering our clients the ultimate in satisfactory service, economically viable and competitive prices yet never compromising on our quality. Commitment, loyalty and integrity are few core values that will help us realize our mission and build key relationships with our clients. We like to believe that we do things differently. We treat our customers differently, as individuals, catering for their individual needs while striving to contain costs Our short-term objective is to obtain more realizable contracts so as to maximize the optimum usage of our present resources. Our long-term plan is to learn and grow in the Construction Industry


Our services

  • Construction,
  • Civil Works,
  • General Maintenance,
  • Security Services,
  • Transportation of Equipment/Cleaning,
  • Catering,
  • supply of Perishable and Non- Perishable foods and goods and General trading
Ayobaness Lifestyle 99, Construction, civil works, general maintenance, security services, transportation of equipment/cleaning, Catering, supply of perishable and non- perishable foods and goods and General trading


Cell: 0644513880 / 0834521782

Fax: 086 4805 324

Email:  ayobanesscorner@gmail.com


Address: 642 Swartkoppies Nellmaphius, Pretoria, Gauteng, 0162