The KFP Tours is Southern African privately owned and managed travel agent with 22 years of experience of facilitating travel in South Africa and beyond. We pride ourselves in being a reliable handler of local and international tours. Our thorough local knowledge will ensure we cater to your needs as individuals or groups travelling in South Africa.

Our Touring department offers you transport in our own vehicles and buses whether you are alone or in groups our reliable driver/guides bring you to any destination in Johannesburg and local touristic attractions. The KFP’s tours division is proud to be amongst the Top Mzansi’s Travel agents offering professional advice for flights, accommodation, tours in the region and beyond.



Pretoria/Tshwane TOURS - Lesedi Cultural Village TOURS - Soweto Experience TOURS - Johannesburg TOURS - ACCOMODATIONS - CAR HIRE



South Africa has surfaced out of dark days to share its brilliant bushveld, award-winning wine regions, emerging cities and golden beaches with the world

  • The Soweto Experience: A city within a city, one the biggest black townships in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Apartheid Museum: Receive first-hand information, through pictures, photos and digital media which have been collected and displayed in this museum.
  • Gold Reef City: Visit what was once the deepest gold mine in South Africa.
  • Lesedi Cultural Village: South Africa has a wealth of cultures with different ethnic groups and languages.


The KFP offers you a facility for online accommodation booking in Johannesburg. Select the number of guests, arrival and departure dates and specify any preferences


Save on car hire in South Africa with leading South African car hire companies and book directly online.



Person: The KFP Tours
Tel: 0119170381


Kimax Building, 69 Market Street,


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