Lekhu Pilson Incorporated is a boutique firm of attorneys based in Pretoria. The firm was formed in 2013 by the two named partners, Jones Lekhu and Mbongeleni Pilson.  Even though the firm is in its infancy, the directors of the firm have acquired a wealth of expertise from training with some of Pretoria’s top legal minds. The training acquired has exposed the team to a vast array of practice areas within the profession. The attorneys have also been involved in some of the countries high profile cases as associates within their previous law firms.Lekhu Pilson Incorporated is a versatile law firm with a multidisciplinary approach coveringall aspects including litigation, administrative law, commercial law and public law.



• Administrative Law;

• Alternative Dispute Resolution;

• Building and Construction Disputes;

• Commercial Litigation;

• Constitutional Law;

• Healthcare Law;

• Insurance Law;

• Medical Negligence Claims;

• Personal Injury Law;

• Property Law;

• Intellectual Property law;

• Public Law.  



Tel: 012 323 4547
Fax: 012 323 4551 / 086 402 6613
Web: www.lekhupilson.co.za


Suite 0220 Burlington House
235 Helen Joseph (Church) Str


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